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Altera model naming rules 

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Altera model naming rules 

Altera model naming rules 

ALTERA product model naming

Stratix high-end FPGA, Arria mid-range FPGA, Cyclone economical FPGA.

Let's introduce their naming rules from these three aspects

EP4SGX70DF29C2XN (780)   EP2AGX125DF25C4 (572)   EP3CLS150F484C7

EP1S40F780C7N         EP2AGX125EF35I5N  (1152)  EP4CE30F23C8N(484)


Technology+model+LE number+package+pin number (5)+ temperature range (6)+device speed (7)

5. Pin 6. Temperature range: C℃ to 70℃, I -40℃ to 85℃, M -55℃ to 125℃ 7. Speed: (The smaller the number, the faster the speed).

For example:


EP process

2C cyclone2 (S stands for stratix. A stands for arria)

20 2wLE quantity

F484 FBGA484pin package

C6 8-speed

The more the number of LE is, the better. At the same time, the more expensive

The more pins, the better.

The faster the device speed, the better.

Let's take a look at the naming of ALTERA QFP package.

EPM starts with QFP package. QFP is divided into several series: MAXI MAX2000 MAX3000 MAX5000 series, MAX7000 series and MAX9000 series.

EPX flash logic device

For example: EPM 1270F256C4 N EPM 2210F324C3N5m 240Zm 1004CN EPM 2210GF 256C5EPM 3064ALC44-4EPM 3064ATI 100-10EPM 7032AELC44-10EPM 7032AETC 44-10N.

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