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XILINX model naming rules  

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XILINX model naming rules  


XILINX model naming rules  

1. FPGA naming rules of Xilinx 
XILINX can be roughly divided into three series:
1:SpartanX (1-7); XC3S1500L-4FGG456C    XC6SLX4-2TQG144C

2:Artix-7  : XC7A100T-2FTG256I

3:Kintex-7 :XC7K70T-1FBG484C

4:VirtexX (2-7) : XC2VP2-6FG456C     XC4VLX15-12SFG363C   XC5VSX50T-3FF1136C   XC5VSX50T-3FFG1136C
Summary: The fourth letter is the beginning letter of the series.    S-SPARTAN   A-ARTIX    K-KINTEX     V-VIRTEX

Let's look at the naming rules of these models and types.  
XC3S50-4PQ208C   XC6SLX4-2TQG144C (check this package figure 1)
The number of feet appears in front: PQ TQ is QFP package.
Chapter 1 of ug112 of Xilinx introduces the FPGA naming rules of Xilinx Company. Generally speaking, the upper surface of a large FPGA looks like this. ( figure 2)
For example, for an FPGA with the number XC4VLX60-10FFG668CS2, the device type is XC4VLX60-10 and the package is FFG668CS2. In particular

XC4VLX stands for the family of FPGA, and here is VIRTEX 4LX.

60 represents the number of system gates or logic cells, that is, 60,000.

-10 stands for speed level (the higher the number, the faster the speed and the lower the power consumption) Example: 
FFG is a Pb-free flip-chip BGA.

668 is the number of pins.

C stands for Temperature grade, which is Commercial here.

S2 is step2.

1. automotive parts use "XA" instead of "xc".: The automobile grade starts with xa.

2. QML-certified parts use "xq" instead of "xc". 
3. Aerospace parts have an “R” after “XQ” instead of “XC”.

Aerospace classes usually start with XQ or XQR, for example: XQR5VFX130-1CF1752V. It is said that this model is worth a Ferrari.

The whole VIRTEX series is divided into virtex-4 virtex-5 virtex-6 virtex-7.

We only do VIRTEX-4 VIRTEX-5. These two kinds of VIRTEX-6 VIRTEX-7 belong to high-end and ultra-high end.

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